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Our Cells

The cells are the heart of a lithium battery. If you don’t start with high quality A-grade cells the final battery will provide sub-standard performance and will have a high chance of early failure.


We use primarily A-grade industrial and military grade LiFePO4 and LNCM cells in both cylindrical and prismatic formats in the manufacture of our batteries. We use only large format cells with threaded terminals ie, no tiny welded tab 18650 or 26650 laptop/cordless power tool size cells as used in inferior quality “throw away” consumer use batteries (which are typical of the “sausage factory” batteries being churned out from dozens of battery factories in China in the millions and sold to unsuspecting battery buyers in western countries such as Australia, USA, and Europe).


Lithium Batteries Australia policy is to not use any cells of Chinese origin or manufacture in any of our high quality battery products.

Drums of the very highest quality LiFePO4 cathode powder to be used in the manufacture of LiFePO4 cells for manufacture of batteries made by Lithium Batteries Australia

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