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Engine Starting Batteries

Lithium Batteries Australia manufactures the most powerful lithium batteries available in Australia for engine cranking of diesel engines such as those found in large stationary generators, trucks, boats, as well as special batteries for starting aircraft engines and for racing applications where the lightest weight, most powerful lithium batteries are required. Some of our extremely high power professional grade engine starting batteries featuring military grade cells are rated at peak cranking discharge currents exceeding 3000 amps.

Depending on the application a BMS may or may not be used. A LiFePO4 battery has been in use in one of our own work vehicles for more than 8 years and has never had a BMS used. This is only achievable due to the type of cell used and the exceptional quality and reliability of this cell. In other applications such as the custom manufactured Audi sports car battery shown, this contains a 1000A automotive engine starting BMS with waterproof touch sensor reset.

If the battery is accidently drained to a very low level for example, such as leaving the lights on, the battery will cut off the output at a very low level but will retain enough charge to be able to start the engine.

By placing your finger 2 – 3 mm away from the touch sensor the battery will reset and the engine can be started as normal without the inconvenience of having to jump start the vehicle using an external battery.

While the cranking output of this custom manufactured Audi battery is limited to 1000A by the engine start BMS the actual battery is rated at peak cranking current of 2,475A.

While this very specialised battery was custom manufactured at the request of  Melbourne doctor, it is but one of many examples of the very specialised lithium batteries which Lithium Batteries Australia manufacture for a multitude of different applications and which far outperform anything available in the mass market.

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