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Lithium Batteries Australia are the pioneers and longest established lithium battery solutions provider in Australia. 2017 marks our 10 years anniversary since we introduced the very first Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery to Australia from the USA. You can read more about the introduction of the LiFePO4 battery to Australia on our FAQ page.

Lithium Batteries Australia is the first and only certified Australian manufacturer of Lithium Batteries. In fact we are the only manufacturer and supplier of “professional grade” lithium batteries in Australia. Our weakest (lowest discharge output) cell we use in the manufacture of our batteries is twice as powerful as the cells used in the vast majority of the commonly available “consumer use” batteries mass produced in China.

We manufacture several different types of extremely powerful batteries for aircraft starting and diesel engine starting applications with very high dishcharge rates (the cranking discharge rate is much higher than the lead acid cranking batteries they replace).

While there has been a flood of inferior quality consumer use (also known as general purpose) lithium batteries in the past few years into Australia, these are all sold by retail or sales and marketing companies who just want to make a fast sale but have very little knowledge of lithium batteries, how they work and how they should be used. By contrast Lithium Batteries Australia is a specialist lithium battery electrical engineering solutions company and does not sell off the shelf mass produced “sausage factory” inferior quality Chinese batteries. We have been trained both in Australia and overseas by some of the most experienced cell design and manufacturing engineers. Unfortunately most lithium battery suppliers in Australia have had no formal training and simply try to learn about lithium batteries on the internet. There is so much conflicting and totally incorrect information on the internet it is little wonder why so many people report bad experiences when buying lithium batteries from so called “experienced lithium battery supply companies”

However it is quite easy to tell if you are dealing with a professional lithium battery enginerring company of just a retail / sales company just wanting to make a fast buck by importing cheap, poor quality lithium batteries from China. These later companies have for many years sold lead acid batteries so are used to the two distinct types of batteries in the lead acid family namely “cranking” batteries and “deep cycle” batteries. These companies will constantly refer to the lithium batteries they sell as being deep cycle batteries. This is an immediate give away that you are dealing with an incompetant lithium battery supplier since all lithium batteries are deep cycle. As with all battery chemistries the cycle life will greatly depend on the depth of dicharge and even within the lithium battery family since there is a wide variation in cycle life depending on the actual lithium ion chemistry. For example the cobalt based chemistry lithium ion batteries (while having a high energy density) have a much shorter cycle life when compared to lithium iron phosphate. Since many of the “wall” type solar energy storage batteries ulilise the cobalt based chemisty lithium iron cells will have a relatively short working cycle life so this is often overlooked by many purchasers of these solar battery storage systems who are too involved with all of the hype around these batteries.

Due to our product quality approximately 90% of all of the batteries we manufacture are made for the government, oil, gas and mining industries. We manufacture our batteries to meet or exceed a clients required specifications and provide a total lithium battery solution.

Unlike lead acid batteries which are quite simple in their use, lithium batteries are much more technically complex and require specialised knowledge and training so as to be able to provide the most suitable battery for any given application which will work properly to its full potential and provide the longest and most reliable working lifetime.

Due to the technical complexity involved with lithium batteries, throughout this website we will use simple analogies to explain a concept we are trying to portray in simple terms which the average person can understand without the knowledge of being an electrical engineer or electrical technician. Of course we won’t go into too much depth here since we are not a resource for all of the inexperienced lithium battery sales and marketing companies to learn all the mistakes they are making.

The bottom line is that the LiFePO4 and LNCM batteries manufactured in Australia by Lithium Batteries Australia are absolutely positively guaranteed to be more powerful, more reliable and provide superior performance to any imported battery. We are happy to prove it!

Lithium Batteries Australia designs and manufactures lithium batteries for many government departments (state and federal). Some of our customers include-

Department of Defence

Australian Crime Commission

NSW Police

Victoria Police

NSW Transport (Sydney Trains)

NSW Transport (Sydney Ferries)

NSW Roads and Maritime Authority

QLD Transport and Main Roads

NSW Department of Health


QLD Department of Fisheries

Australian Antarctic Division

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