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Professional use industrial and military grade LiFePO4 and LNCM cells.

Specialised batteries designed and custom manufactured to meet your performance requirements

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Quality Australian designed and manufactured

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Experienced Professionals

With over 14 years of battery specific electrical engineering experience, our professional technicians use only the highest quality componentry and believe in exceptional workmanship and service.

Industrial Services

The most powerful lithium batteries available in Australia for all engine starting applications

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Powerful Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries Australia manufactures the most powerful lithium batteries available in Australia for engine cranking of diesel engines

Lithium Battery Chargers and Battery Monitors

The widest range of lithium battery management systems available in Australia

Long Battery Life

All lithium batteries require some form of battery management to ensure a long reliable working life.

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We Dont use any cells of Chinese origin

Strictly no cells of Chinese origin are used in any batteries manufactured by Lithium Batteries Australia

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Quality Cells

We use primarily A-grade industrial grade and military grade LiFePO4 and LNCM chemistries

Welcome To Lithium Batteries Australia

The pioneers and longest established lithium battery solutions provider in Australia. 2017 marks our 10 years anniversary since we introduced the very first Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery to Australia from the USA. You can read more about the introduction of the LiFePO4 battery to Australia on our FAQ page.

Lithium Batteries Australia is the first and only certified Australian manufacturer of Lithium Batteries. In fact we are the only manufacturer and supplier of “professional grade” lithium batteries in Australia. Our weakest (lowest discharge output) cell we use in the manufacture of our batteries is twice as powerful as the cells used in the vast majority of the commonly available “consumer use” batteries mass produced in China.

Australian Made not Chinese

While there has been a flood of inferior quality consumer use (also known as general purpose) lithium batteries in the past few years into Australia, these are all sold by retail or sales and marketing companies who just want to make a fast sale but have very little knowledge of lithium batteries, how they work and how they should be used. By contrast Lithium Batteries Australia is a specialist lithium battery electrical engineering solutions company and does not sell off the shelf “sausage factory” mass produced inferior quality batteries from China.

Due to our product quality approximately 90% of all of the batteries we manufacture are made for the government, oil, gas and mining industries. We manufacture our batteries to meet or exceed a clients required specifications and provide a total lithium battery solution.

specialised knowledge and training

Unlike lead acid batteries which as quite simple in their use, lithium batteries are much more technically complex and require specialised knowledge and training to supply a suitable battery for any given application.

Since lithium batteries and their battery management, by their nature, are quite complex, throughout this website we will use simple analogies to explain a concept we are trying to portray in simple terms which the average person can understand without the knowledge of an electrical engineer or electrical technician. Of course we won’t go into too much depth here since we are not a resource for all of the inexperienced lithium battery sales and marketing companies to learn all the mistakes they are making.


Design and manufacture of lithium batteries


Supply and installation of complete lithium battery solutions


Rectifying mistakes in lithium battery installations

What we do
  • Design and manufacture of lithium batteries to meet a customers’ requirement in terms of battery size/dimensions, charge and discharge ratings and specific application.
  • Supply and installation of complete lithium battery solutions including batteries, battery management systems, lithium battery chargers and battery monitors / “fuel gauges”.
  • Rectifying mistakes in lithium battery installations such as batteries which failed in a very short time because they were supplied by an inexperienced lithium battery supplier who provided inferior quality batteries or batteries which were not suitable for the required purpose.
  • Lithium battery design and consulting services.
  • Support for the many “victims” we hear about who were “sucked in” by glossy lithium battery sales websites selling poor quality lithium batteries. We can assist in getting your money back from the supplier of the failed batteries by providing information / evidence to consumer affairs bodies or consumer tribunals / courts. Unfortunately these suppliers of poor quality imported batteries give the lithium battery industry a bad name in the eyes of the consumer with many examples of expensive batteries which failed after only a short amount of use.