Our Batteries

Lithium Batteries Australia designs and manufactures lithium batteries to meet the customers’ requirement. We can manufacture most lithium batteries to within 1mm of the battery dimensional size a customer requires. Of course this more expensive as a custom made one off battery than a standard battery which we manufacture in our more common sizes.

We manufacture our batteries in many different case types and formats. These include traditional block style batteries manufactured in powder coated marine grade aluminium housings with standard battery terminals or alternatively flush panel mount connectors or output leads with Anderson or similar connectors. We also manufacture batteries in 19” rack mount format for UPS, solar and telco applications. Another of our battery options are waterproof field case batteries which are popular with our government customers as well as boating and electric kayak batteries for individuals.

Battery management can be internal BMS module of the battery chemistry / type required as well as the battery voltage and charge / discharge current required. BMS can be either internal or external to the battery block. For specific applications such as high power aircraft, truck or racing application starting batteries no BMS may be the recommended option. This is to provide simplicity, the lightest weight battery and greatest reliability in use since no electronics (BMS) is use with the battery. In these cases battery management is taken care of during charging or during routine service / periodic battery maintenance.


Finally for those persons who have battery / electrical / technical experience we offer battery kits. These allow the battery purchaser / installer to save  money by providing all of the battery assembly labour themselves and providing all of the cabling and cell and BMS terminations. These are often used in large capacity battery banks where a large number of cells are fitted into a battery cabinet or on battery shelving such as in an off grid solar installation.

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