Single Cell Chargers

Single cell LiFePO4 chargers are used for two main applications. They are used for ocassional balance charging of cells in large battery banks where a simple battery bank is used without BMS. The other application is where many of the smaller chargers are used to charge a battery where each charger is used to charge either a single cell or parallel group of cells in a battery. Using this method one charger is used for each cell in a series battery so for a 12V battery fours single cell chargers are used, for a 24V battery eight single cell chargers are used etc. This method is also used where a simple lightweight battery is used without a BMS. Since each individual charger allows the cell it is charging to reach 100% capacity with each charge it is impossible for the cells to become out of balance. We supply several different single cell chargers for manually balancing LiFePO4 cells. All charger models feature a charge indicator LED which changes colour to indicate when the cell has received a full charge. A cell with less than 100% capacity will indicate a red LED as soon as connected to mains power. Once the cell is fully charged the LED will change colour to green.

Charger models are available with either 2A , 10A or 25A rated charging output current.

These chargers can be used with most brands and capacities of LiFePO4 battery cells and feature a constant current/constant voltage (CC/CV) charging profile as recommended for optimum charging of LiFePO4 cells.


The chargers have a straight two pin US style 115V plug so if the charger is to be used in another country a suitable travel adaptor plug will be required. The charger modules are however suitable for worldwide operation since these chargers are light weight switch mode type chargers with 115-240VAC, 50-60Hz mains input. The output cable of the 2A charger is terminated in a 5.5mm DC power plug which can be cut off and alligator clips or another appropriate connector can be fitted while the higher power 10A and 25A chargers comes fitted with spring clips.

Using multiple single cell chargers it is easy to always know when your battery is fully charged and all cells are balanced. If any LED does not change colour from red to green it immediately shows there is a cell which requires attention. When all the LED's have turned green it shows the battery is at 100% capacity and ready to go.