Other Battery Products

Lithium Batteries Australia supplies a wide variety of battery assembly materials for those who enjoy the challenge and satisfaction gained in assembling their own custom built battery packs. In addition to the products shown below we also supply a wide range of battery heatshrink in several colours as well as nickel battery strips for battery tab welding and waterproof industrial grade orange and black conduits for use in EV applications . If there are any other battery products you have difficulty finding then please let us know.

Cell Holding Blocks

We supply hexagonal cell holding blocks in two sizes which are manufactured to suit our XPS series cells. These cell blocks are dsigned to hold securely cells with nominal diameter of 38mm and 40mm. They have keyed grooves and cell blocks fit together firmly by sliding them together. Copper cell links are used to join the cells together so it is possible to build a battery into virtually any shape and with any voltage and capacity combination depending on the way the blocks and copper links are joined. We supply low profile brass cell bolts with lock washers which are used to secure the copper links to the threaded cell terminals.
















Our cell blocks and mounting harware can also be used with other brands of cells which are manufactured in the same sizes.