Battey Packs

LiFeTech Energy manufacture two series of LiFePO4 batteries. The XPS series is the current series of batteries while the HPS series is the older series which is still manufactured for specific applications due to the different battery case dimensions compared with the XPS series batteries.

The XPS (System Pack) series include the XPS1P (High Power) series and the XPS1E and XPS2E (High Energy series). All packs contain inbuilt BMS. A low voltage cut off protection board is available as an optional extra available for all LiFeTech batteries to provide fail safe peace of mind operation. Computer data box and battery diagnostics software is also available for all XPS and HPS series batteries.

LiFeTech HPS and XPS series are fitted with gold plated battery terminals and DB9 data input and output ports as standard on all battery packs. Gold plated terminals provide the highest electrical conductivity and long term corrosion resistance. XPS series batteries aredesigned for use in electric vehicle applications as well as for standby power applications. Some typical examples where XPS batteries would typically be used are-

  • electric vehicles of all types eg, bicycles, cars, boats, etc.
  • recreational vehicles eg, caravans, campervans and motor homes
  • electric powered wheelchairs
  • mobility scooters
  • hospital equipment
  • uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • stand alone solar power installations
  • industrial rectifiers




Lithium Batteries Australia supplies the largest range of high power, light weight lithium engine starting batteries in Australia. Whether you require a small battery for a racing mortorcycle or a high power battery for cranking a large diesel generator, we have the right battery to suit your needs. We supply LiFePO4 complete factory manufactured batteries as well as battery kits for those users who require a custom battery to be made to fit a special shape or limited size battery compartment

Some of the engine cranking applications for which we supply suitable lithium batteries include-

  • cars
  • trucks
  • earthmoving/mining equipment
  • diesel generators
  • buses
  • boats
  • jet skis
  • aeroplanes


A great advantage of using a LiFePO4 engine starting battery is due to its efficiency and fuel saving ability. LiFePO4 engine start  batteries are typically 95% charge efficient compared to a charge efficiency of typically around 70% for a lead acid cranking battery. This means that virtually all of the energy produced by the vehicles alternator/generator goes into producing useful energy stored in the battery. This means less of a loading effect on the alternator/generator which translates into fuel savings (or slightly more engine power). Also due to the slightly higher terminal voltage of the LiFePO4 battery, engine electrical systems can work more efficiently and a stronger spark is produced at the spark plug in gasoline powered vehicles.

Lithium Batteries Australia manufactures custom batteries for specialist applications. One such application is for aircraft engine starting. We have supplied ultra-lightweight batteries for starting light aircraft engines with a typical battery weighing barely 3kg. We can supply custom built "bare bones" starting batteries to customers requirements for applications such as racing car or aeroplane starting applications. These packs are assembled using the bare XPS cells encapsulated in shrinkwrap so as to keep weight to an absolute minimum. A typical bare bones battery is shown next to a traditional lead acid car starting battery which demonstrates the weight saving which is possible.

All of our factory manufactured LiFePO4 engine start batteries come with 3 years warranty.

For more detailed information regarding our wide range of complete factory battery packs please contact us.