Battery Consultancy

Lithium Batteries Australia provides a battery advisory and consultancy service. We can provide professional advice about which particular battery chemistry/ battery type would best serve the needs for any given battery application. We can also provide the technical information required to interface our batteries with motors, motor controllers, solar panels, wind turbines and generators/alternators in the most efficient way so as to obtain the best performance.

We provide a complete battery installation service. No matter if your project is a large electric boat or a solar power project requiring a large battery bank to be installed in a remote location, Lithium Batteries Australia can install the batteries for you. We determine the correct power cable sizing for your project as well as perform data cable installation between batteries and back to a central monitoring location where the batteries can be monitored on your PC. When the battery installation has been completed and commissioned we provide customer training on the battery system and monitoring. Just leave it to us, we do the lot!

We often hear complaints from people who have purchased battery products from other companies and who have (in our view) been treated extremely unethically by the supplier when they have a problem with their LiFePO4 battery. It is important that the customer researches the reputation of prospective battery suppliers so they don't get "burned". There are several vendors of LiFePO4 batteries who are sales companies only and provide little or no after sales support or technical backup if there is ever a problem. Often a customer may decide to purchase a battery from such a sales company only to find that when they lodge a warranty claim it takes several months to receive a repaired/replacement battery. These sales companies must ship the battery overseas back to the manufacturer for repairs which can incur considerable delays. Lithium Batteries Australia is a professional electrical engineering company with extensive experience in the battery industry and any repairs required are almost always performed in house which provides much faster turn around time for the customer.