Battery Cells

Lithium Batteries Australia Cells

We manufacture and supply cells which fall mainly into three main groups.

These are-

1) Small cells- from 1Ah - 8Ah. These cells are mostly cylindrical.

2) Medium size cells- from 8Ah - 20Ah. Cells in this size range are usually avilable as "power" cells or "energy" cells.

3) Large format prismatic cells- in sizes 50Ah, 100Ah, 200Ah, 250Ah and 300Ah. These cells are mostly used for off grid/solar energy storage.


LiFeTech XPS series cells are used in the manufacture of our battery packs. These are a medium size cell and are the most widely used cell used for a variety of applications. Both cell types we manufacture offer outstanding performance and are an improvement of the 40138F1 cells which were used in our original HPS battery packs.

These cells are made in two types. These two types of cells are further divided into two different cell sizes and are manufactured specifically for our LiFeTech XPS packs.

Cell type one is a high "Power cell". This is manufactured in the 38123 size (38mm diameter 123mm long). This cell has a capacity of 8Ah.

Cell type two is a high "Energy cell" which is manufactured in 38123 and 40152 sizes. (38123=10Ah and 40152=15Ah) Our Power cells can easily provide 20C continous discharge and 30C discharge for short periods. Our Energy cells are rated at 10C continous and 15C peak discharge rates. Only A-grade cells are used in the manufacture of our LiFeTech battery packs. LiFeTech XPS cells feature high rates of charge and a depleted cell can be charged to greater than 90% of its fully charged capacity in only 15 minutes.


Large Format Prismatic cells

As the name suggests these are large block type cells which resemble a brick. These cells are mainly used for solar power, off grid/remote area power supplies and house power for boats, carvans and other RV's.

All medium and large format cells have threaded cell terminals so connection of cells together is quick as easy to make battery banks in different voltages and capacities.

To maintain cell balance either a BMS should be used or alternatively cells can be manually balance charged either with a single cell charger or multiple isolated single cell chargers. Low voltage cut off protection should also be provided. In electric vehicles this low voltage protection is often provided by a low voltage cut off which is built into the controller. For solar/standby power use this protection is usually provided by a battery monitor. Lithium Batteries Australia provide several different battery monitors which are suitable for low voltage cell protection including the Victron Energy BMV series precision battery monitors. The LiFeTech VMS or BMS can also be used to automatically disconnect a main contactor or relay to provide cell protection. Please enquire for more information as to the different options available.