Battery pack chargers

Lithium Batteries Australia provides a full range of dedicated LiFePO4 battery chargers. We supply single cell chargers as well as battery pack chargers suitable for batteries with operating voltage in the range of 3.2V to 288V. Single phase chargers are available in ratings up to 8kW while 3-phase chargers are available above 8kW.

Our LiFePO4 specific chargers feature-

  • reverse polarity protection
  • short circuit protection
  • over voltage protection
  • over temperature protection

The chargers feature a variable speed cooling fan which automatically changes the speed of the fan to provide adequate cooling depening on the current the charger is supplying to the battery. There are two indicator LED's on the charger (red and orange/green). One red LED is a power indicator while the other LED indicates charging is underway. This LED is orange while charging is taking place. As soon as the battery is fully charged the orange LED changes green for 10 seconds before the charger turns itself off automatically. Both regular chargers and fast chargers are fully automatic in operation and due to their simplicity in operation and inbuilt protections are a pleasure to use.

The LiFeTech battery charger range features both regular automatic chargers as well as fast battery chargers which have an output current rating of 10-20amps depending on the voltage of the charger. These suit the commonly available battery voltages of 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V.

We also supply a range of high voltage battery chargers which are suitable for EV applications. Many of these chargers feature a digital voltmeter/ammeter. We have more than 60 different battery charger models to choose from including waterproof and vibration resistant chargers which are ideal for boating applications. Please enquire for information about a charger to suit your application.


Fast Charging

Lithium Batteries Australia can supply and install a fast charging outlet in you home, office or factory. LiFeTech batteries are specifically designed for electric vehicle applications and as such have amongst the fastest recharging capability of any battery on the market. We can supply and fit a power outlet which will allow you to recharge a completely discharged battery pack in your EV to greater than 90% capacity in only 15 minutes.

Pictured is a typical fast charging outlet fitted by Lithium Batteries Australia. The speed of charging will be determined by the power supply available and in most cases chargers of power rating from 1kW to approximately 9.6kW can be supplied from the power available from a home with single phase power.



Lithium Batteries Australia will come to your premises to firstly determine the maximum capacity charging power outlet which can be fitted and will supply and fit a suitable socket, plug and all associated wiring and circuit protection.








For interstate and overseas customers we can supply all required electrical components for fitting by your local electrician. We will provide guidance to electricians who might not be familiar with or experienced with regard to EV battery charging requirments.