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Welcome to Lithium Batteries Australia

Latest News- As from January 2016 all of our batteries are now manufactured in Australia. 90% of the batteries we manufacture are made for the government, oil, gas and mining industries. These batteries are not shown on the website. The batteries as shown here are the older LiFeTech batteries which we only supply upon special order. We do however continue to support the service and repairs of the HPS and XPS series batteries. An updated website featuring some of our current product range will be coming soon. For special application battery manufacturing requirements from our Australian made range of engine starting, solar energy storage and electric vehicle application  batteries please contact us.


Lithium Batteries Australia is a small, friendly company with bases in Sydney,and Brisbane, Australia which provides personalised service to all its customers.


LiFeTech Energy Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturer's of the highest quality Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery products and accessories for the electric vehicle and standby power energy markets. The LiFeTech product range includes cells, batteries, chargers and voltage management systems featuring advanced battery monitoring and diagnostics capabilities.




LiFeTech Approvals and Certifications

LiFeTech batteries and cells are manufactured under the most stringent standards of quality control which is why they provide superior performance and longevity when compared to their cheaper Chinese counterparts. LiFeTech products are manufactured in a factory holding the following quality certifications-

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO/TS 1649


LiFeTech LiFePO4 batteries are UL and CE certified. In addition LiFeTech XPS battery packs are the only lithium battery available in Australia which pass stringent international automotive safety crash testing standards and are proven to not catch on fire even if a battery is subjected to catastrophic physical damage.


Lithium Batteries Australia is the National Distributor for the LiFeTech product range. In addition to supplying the Australian market, LBA also supplies lithium battery products throughout the world and has many satisfied customers in several countries around the globe including Australia, USA, UK (England & Ireland), Canada, Germany, Austria, Norway, France and Poland.


We differ from our main competitors who sell similar products of similar quality in that Lithium Batteries Australia is an engineering solutions oriented company whereas our competitors are primarily sales focussed.

We work closely with our clients to provide professional advice and suggestions with their projects from the initial design phase right through to completion.



Our Quality

While there are many suppliers of lithium batteries in Australia, Lithium Batteries Australia is the only manufacturer and supplier in Australia of professional grade cells and batteries. All other suppliers in Australia provide poorer quality consumer use cells and batteries. It is easy to determine if a particular battery is a professional use or consumer use battery.

Since these lithium batteries are the only professional grade LiFePO4 battery in Australia they are mainly used by government departments and large corporations.


A few of the government departments who now use LiFeTech LiFePO4 batteries include-


  • WA Department of Health
  • NSW Department of Health
  • Australian Crime Commission (Brisbane and Melbourne)
  • Victoria Police (for in special police vehicle application)
  • CSIRO Department of Energy Technology
  • QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Australian Institute of Marine Science
  • Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation
  • Jenolan Caves Trust
  • Australian Antarctic Division
  • ABB Coal and Gas Division


In addition Lithium Batteries Australia is proud to supply specialised high energy density Li-ion batteries to the Australian Department of Defence, Canberra.



Our mission is in providing honest, truthful and accurate information.

Our competitors are happy to sell you a LiFePO4 battery but if you require technical advice or after sales engineering support after you have made your purchase often you are on your own. We have customers who have purchased batteries or battery products elsewhere only to become very dissatisfied with the support they received after they have made their purchase. We provide the customer with accurate, factual technical advice which they can clearly understand so that they can achieve the best performance and longest life from their battery investment. When you have parted with several hundred (in some cases thousands) of your hard earned dollars the last thing you want is for your battery to fail prematurely due to bad advice or due to use of an inferior product.


All professional advice and information is provided by a qualified electrical engineer from Lithium Batteries Australia directly, from LiFeTech Energy factory engineers or from our associates (as appropriate). Lithium Batteries Australia holds an electrical contractors licence and has extensive experience in industrial electrical installations. We work with a network of partner companies, each of which is extremely experienced in their own fields of expertise.

We have several years experience in the battery and critical power protection industries and have been responsible for the installation, commissioning, testing and ongoing maintenance of literally thousands of batteries of differing voltages, capacities and chemical makeup for such well known companies as IBM, Apple Computer, General Electric, McDonalds, Esso-Exxon Oil, BHP as well as many major hospitals and government departments including the Australian Tax Office and Australian Defence Industries.

It is this extensive experience which gives the customer piece of mind when making a battery purchase from Lithium Batteries Australia.